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U.F.O.S in the Archive
Video (7 Minutes)
August 2023


An amateur conspiracy reporter follows a dubious rumor that the RJM holds unpublished Ufos in its archive.  In his search for the UFOs, he gets lost in the depths of the underground archive and makes some strange acquaintances and unexpected discoveries.
The video leaks his until now unreleased recordings, and thus gives visitors the chance to form their own opinion about the hidden machinations of the museum. Is this a crank who believes in aliens and conspiracy theories? Or is it really true that the Rautenstrauch-Jost Museum preserves UFOs and keeps them from the public?


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The work "U.F.O.'s in the Archive" was created in collaboration with the Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum, Cologne and was shown there in the exhibition "Not allowed to rot" (08.09.-08.10.23). A QR code is inserted at the end of the video which was linked to a statement of the artist concerning the topic of their work. The PDF is available for download here.


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