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„SiRENS“ is a musical project initiated by Yuna-Lee Pfau and Lennard Frey in October of 2022.
This body of work will consist of six to eight songs, each of them combining and juxtaposing elements of
electronic and classical, art-pop and ambient, tranquil and noisy experimental music.
The structure and arrangement of each song can vary drastically. Here we offer you an insight into the three core songs of the project.

Our project explores a perception where accepting the simultaneity of dichotomies could mean to rid oneself from binary, restrictive and hyper individual ways of thinking. “SiRENS” is meant to be a journey through our inner soundscapes, where deeply personal and yet universal struggles are felt, observed, exorcised and confronted with the external world.

In our music, different voices are being channeled, personifications of inner and outer forces that sing, dance and collide with each other. These voices are emphasised by the double entendre of the siren who acts as a symbol throughout the project.

As a mythological figure, the siren represents a luring, persuasive voice representing the loss of self control. Meanwhile, the siren is also an alert exclaiming a state of emergency.
On a technical level, a siren is a fluctuation of sound between two tones - two binary poles.


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