My name is Yuna-Lee Pfau

and Iam an audiovisual artist from Cologne, Germany.

I am working with interdisciplinary performances,

Videos, Installations and Collages.


My main artistic focus

lies in the  exploration of the digital realm, nature,

and the fusion between cybernetic research and art.

In my work Iam aiming to create a dialogue

between natural patterns and the artificial,

always focusing on the fluidity 

and interconnectedness of both extremes. 


     05.05-29.05.2022      OPEN#1, Vorum Viktoriabad

                                    (by M. Stockhausen, J. Krings, Museumsstudien-Bonn)

                   05.2021      C.A.R. Talente talk (Contemporary Art Ruhr)

                   11.2020      Open studios (by MFA, Barcelona)

                   11.2020     ,,The Omnipresent"

                                           (curated by Piotr Perski, Mutuo gallery, Barcelona)

                   04.2020      künstlerische Assistenz, Rolf A. Klünter, Cologne


               2021- now      studies of fine arts  at Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

             09.-11.2020     Metafora Studio Arts Program, Barcelona