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R. Bass

,,Mycroscopic Portraits" is a collage series by Yuna-Lee Pfau,

which is created from microscopic images of human bodies.

Six images are shown here, each composed of the artist's own body material,

and that of close friends and family.




Blood, skin, hair -

such substances and others are taken from the people.

The samples are then analyzed under the microscope, photographed and then assembled into individual "portraits".

Mycroscopic Portraits

R. Bass-inverted colors

- Within us is a hidden  microcosm, 

which makes us the individuals and physical beings we are.

The substances and components that carry the DNA are probably the most personal and representative property of a person and their body.

Y. Pfau (Zervixschleim)


In contrast to the macroscopic perspective (i.e.visible to the naked eye)

 , the microscopic perspective can provide an in-depth insight 

into the various bodies. 

 And yet this magnified view also abstracts what is seen.


The "mycroscopic portraits" can thus be seen, without exposing the subjects, as highly personal, individual images that, while appropriating the concept of the portrait, also abstract and expand it.


R. Yoo
M. Pfau
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